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"General Plumbing and Rooter Pittsburg documents all work that is done and follows up to ensure everything is to your satisfaction. Reports are archived for future reference. General Plumbing and Rooter Pittsburg also offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all plumbing work. If a plumbing repair fails in the first year, we will repair it again absolutely free."

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The Pittsburg's Plumbing Company

Trust in our Pittsburg, California, plumbing company to provide experience residential and commercial plumbers for your specific repair needs. General Plumbing and Rooter's plumbers arrive on time, fully stocked, and ready to solve your problem. Each plumber we employ is licensed, bonded, and insured with several years of experience beyond the minimum requirements for their certificate. Also, each of our plumbers have gone through manufacturer-oriented and industry-specific training to prevent under-qualified apprentices and non-licensed handymen from being on our team.
Need More Reasons to Count on Our Pittsburg Plumbers?
  1. Each plumber has undergone a thorough reference and character check, including a criminal background check, before he puts on one of our uniforms.
  2. Our plumbers take the time to listen carefully to your explanation of the problem.
  3. Our plumbers explain all possible solutions fully and submit them in writing on official company stationary. You will have the price of the job in writing before we start, eliminating any surprises or guesswork.
  4. Your time is not to be wasted, so our licensed plumbers quickly get the job done right the first time! We bring a mobile warehouse with us to each job, allowing us to get almost every imaginable job done right on the spot.
  5. With your approval, our licensed plumbers will offer you a complimentary plumbing inspection upon completion as part of the service call. It's a $150 value, and if you decide you want it, we are happy to provide it without charge right on the spot.
  6. The work area in your home is fully cleaned, including floors, before we leave. Your home is made spotless once the work is completed.
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